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About us

Perry Property is a family run private client residential acquisition business. We are local to the area, we went to school here, our children now go to school here and we enjoy every day what is undoubtedly an incredible place to live.

Our focused and geographically niche approach provides our clients with local knowledge, market intelligence and broad planning advice that is not matched giving clients the ability to proceed with confidence.

Combined with family contacts that go back 50 years, we are able to provide unrivalled access for our clients to the very broadest opportunities be it on or off market.


Mark Perry

A local through and through since the age of three, Mark returned full time to The Witterings in 2014 with his family and soon after started Perry Property Advisors.

Previously Mark had jointly owned a private client property search firm in Prime Central London since 2007 but with the move south and family commitments, decided to shift his focus entirely to a local property acquisition firm.

Mark is a keen windsurfer and surfer and will be out on the water whenever time allows.


JJ Perry

JJ was born in Holland and moved to the UK 20 years ago. JJ assisted Mark in London and now too works closely on client searches gathering market intelligence.

JJ enjoys the outdoors very much and soaks up all the area has to offer be it mountain biking in the south downs, beach dog walks, cold water swimming, kitesurfing or even mackerel fishing off her paddleboard!

Mark is the consummate professional in his field – he has a commanding knowledge of the market he covers (almost to the square inch level!), an encyclopaedic mental record of precedent transactions, a superb local network of helpful contacts and a keen sense of all the factors contributing to property values…

Mr & Mrs Barber