Residential acquisition opportunities for the ‘best’ properties on the peninsula are and will remain limited. It is an extremely tight market with precious little supply.

Our service ethos is based around exposing our clients to the ‘inside track’ of ‘on’ and ‘off’ market opportunities, generating competitive advantage.

  • Area education – Extensive tour of the peninsula highlighting the nuances of the different areas
  • Trading activity – covering recent unpublished ‘on’ and ‘off’ market activity
  • Pricing insight – deep database history of area pricing for sold and unsold / marketed properties
  • Network – Full access to our professional and extensive personal networks
  • Planning – Broad planning advice is key to understand the restrictions of living in an area of outstanding natural beauty
  • Acquisition – negotiation strategy and bid presentation


Private client numbers are limited and conflicts of interest are managed extremely professionally.

Mr and Mrs Matthews
"We looked actively and unsuccessfully for three years despite repeatedly bidding. With Mark, not only did we get up to speed on recent on and off-market activity, we also formed a much deeper understanding of planning issues and local specifics such as neighbours, wind patterns, tides - this gave us far greater conviction in our decision making when bidding. Ultimately, Mark was able to secure an off market transaction for us on the ideal property and for which we are eternally grateful."
Ms J Macfarlane
"I’m not sure that I would have seen the whole process through of buying and selling without Mark’s help. His support, care and local knowledge was invaluable to me. I’m happy settled into Chichester following my big move from Odiham. Thank you."
Mr and Mrs Black
“What is certain is that Mark Perry knows his onions when it comes to the peninsula and the surrounding area. It takes a deep knowledge of the area, the people and all the necessary moving parts to add real value to the buying process. Something Mark does with aplomb."



Perry Property is a family run private client residential acquisition business. We are local to the area, we went to school here, our children now go to school here and we enjoy every day what is undoubtedly an incredible place to live.

Our focused and geographically niche approach provides local knowledge that is not matched and combined with family contacts that go back 40 years, we are able to provide unrivalled access for our clients to the very broadest opportunities be it on or off market.


Thank you for your interest.

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